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Ornsby Dozier LLP utilizes creative solutions to accomplish each client’s goals. Whether through alternative dispute resolution, consulting services, or litigation.
Divorce can be complex, especially when both parties do not agree on everything. You can count on us to help you navigate the complexities of divorce and reach a favorable agreement for you.
In an uncontested divorce, both parties generally agree on issues, such as property and debt division, child custody and support, and alimony. We can help review your paperwork and potential settlement agreement to make sure there are no errors.
We understand that negotiating custody can be difficult on your own. We can assist you with negotiating a settlement that is in the best favor of your child while also saving you time and effort.
It is very important that your child's financial needs are met. We can help ensure accurate information so that you can get the right amount from your child support order to properly care for your child financially.
Types of abuse include physical attacks, sexual or mental abuse, exploitation, and neglect. We can assist you with finding the proper child custody, visitation, or guardianship options to best protect your child.
Parenting coordination is designed to help parents implement and comply with court orders or parenting plans, to make timely decisions in a manner consistent with children's needs, to minimize the amount of damaging negative tension between caretaking adults. We can guide you through this process and make sure you get the best outcome for your family.
Adoption can get frustrating with all of the required paperwork. We can help you navigate the adoption process by assisting in the finalization of adoption in court.
We can help you reach a fair agreement without taking your family matter to court, saving both time and money. Our mediation training and skill set will help guide you through difficult conversations toward a mutually-agreeable solution.
Starting and managing a business is exciting but it can also feel overwhelming without someone to guide you through the process. We help our clients keep their eye on the prize by handling the legal and administrative matters that can overwhelm both new and seasoned business owners.
We help both landlords and tenants navigate Maryland and D.C.’s complex, and often confusing, rental laws. We can assist you with compliance issues, evictions, wrongful evictions, and matters involving alleged housing code violations.