I contacted Jessica to help me with a demand letter for a landlord tenant matter. She exceeded my expectations and was able to get my lease termination fee cancelled instantly. She is very diligent and knowledgeable about state and local laws. She also worked with me from start to end including follow-ups with all the right people to get my issue resolved. I would highly recommend Jessica to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you Jessica for the fast and quality results!

Ms. Ornsby is an excellent attorney. She responded in a timely manner about my issue.
She listens well and does her best to resolve the issue. We are still waiting for resolve and I know she will bring this to fruition. I recommend her highly. Thank you Ms. Ornsby for taking me on as a client.

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica Miss lady is NOTHING to be played with. She represented me in a custody case and when I say Queen came to do Business with a capital B. My first time ever speaking with Ms. Ornsby she had a friendly and welcoming tone. I was verrryyyy upset at the time but she took the time to hear me out, let me vent, have my own emotions, was very understanding and easy to talk to. During our conversation she ensured that everything would be fine. She was right. Everything worked out perfectly. I highly recommend Ms. Ornsby as legal representation.

Jessica is an amazing lawyer! She has perfect combination of creativity and critical thinking skills you want when seeking representation.

Jessica is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a professional no nonsense lawyer who genuinely has the best interest of her client at heart. I’d gladly refer her services to anyone who is seeking legal counsel.

My name is charles and mrs ornsby is my attorney for alot of different cases including the following, child custody, family criminal charge, and child support modification. I as father was in a very dark place, I was being told by my children that they were being harmed, neglected, abused, etc… But even though i had proof no one would listen to me. Finally someone did and that person name is jessica ornsby, i had a court date that everyone knew i would lose cause i didnt have a attorney, which meant my daughter would have to go back to the woman that was hurting her. I was scared and felt completly alone, until out of no where jessica dropped what she was doing and because she believed me (after showing my evidence to her) she went into the courtroom and saved my baby girl. After that experience i have hired her for multiple situations after that, and EVERYTIME i have come out with what i have gone in wanting. Her results spoke for her actions she a very to the point person with care and understanding with everything fhat she does. Im writing this review for the moms and dads that might be in the same place i was in and felt completly helpless i promise u as i am writing this my daughter just came home with all AS and 3 BS on her report card and she lives with me full time and theres only 1 person that made that happen, jessica ornsby. Shes my hero and hit her up, u wont be dissapointed.

I contacted Jessica to assist me with my tenant who was three months behind on rent. Living outside of the US, Jessica was able to file in court and serve my tenant. Luckily, the tenant paid before the court appearance. She also assisted with moving my tenant out by being my voice and communicating the move-out procedures to the tenant.

My experience here was exactly what I was looking for.. I just had a couple of questions on what was going on and I was told all my options on the spot and it was handled asap.. I would definitely recommend Ornsby Dozier LLP to anyone when they are in need of a lawyer.

When hiring a lawyer for any means, you would like someone that’s responsive, and proactive! That’s what I received with Ms. Ornsby!

Prompt customer service. Very knowledgeable. She won my case. Would definitely recommend to a friend.